Creative Faces By V

Packages and Prices

How many hours should you choose for your party package? 

 1 hour - up to 10 guests

1.5 hours - up to 15 guests

2 hours - up to 20 guests

2.5 hours - up to 25 guests

3 hours - up to 30 guests

*Package choices and time also depend on age bracket, menu choices, party theme, specific service, and other variables. Have a different type of event? Please contact to discuss your individual party needs!

The Mini-Face Painting Package

Our Second Most Popular Package!


1 Hour Mini Party/$175  

One hour of pro face painting or festival glitter/up to 10 guests

1.5 Hour Mini Party/$225 **Most Popular**

An hour and a half of pro face painting or festival glitter

*up to 15 guests 

Gorgeous Menus! 

*If you fall between 10-15 guests book the 1.5 hour party!

*Tent rental available for outdoor events!

The Basic Face Painting Package 




   GORGEOUS Festival Style Menus to WOW your guests!

Face Painting *or a Festival Glitter Design Per Guest

2 hours/$300 **MOST POPULAR CHOICE SINCE 2016**

2,5 hours/$375 

3 hours/$450 

Glitter and Festival Glitter included with all packages! 

I customize parties to suit your individual needs and have various menus that work for different types of events, age groups, parties and number of people. I can also create custom menus to suit the individual venue if requested.. I paint 10-12 people per hour depending on how still the person sits and the complexity of design. If you're unsure of which package to choose based on age range and number of people, please contact via text, email or contact form and we can discuss your individual party needs!

*Packages and prices are subject to change.

*Add on services available at an additional fee

*Tent rental available for outdoor events!

*Transportation fees apply over 30 minutes 

Airbrush *or Glitter Tattoo Party



*approx. 10-12 guests maximum

2 HOURS ONLY  $350 **Special Value**

*approx 15-20 tattoos maximum

3 HOURS $525 

*25-30 tattoos max/includes 10 minute break

Airbrush and Glitter Temporary Tattoos are gorgeous, fun and water proof! The designs will not come off in the shower, when you sweat or at the pool like some other products on the market (with proper care). I have over 100 amazing designs to choose from and beautiful vibrant colors! Glitter Or Airbrush Temporary Tattoos can last 3-10 days (with proper care)


**Electricity MUST be provided for the airbrush compressor. I provide a 25 foot utility grade extension cord so that indoor or outdoor setup can be available. 

*Tent rental available for outdoor events!

Kid's Choice Package 


1 Hour Mini Party/$200 

2 Hours/$350

2.5 Hours/$425 

3 hours/$525

*Need more or less time? Please text or call for quote!


*Tent rental available for outdoor events!

*Electricity must be provided for airbrush machine 

Painting Parties

Acrylic on Canvas or Watercolor Painting Parties

Small Group/Single Classes Also Available

Acrylic Painting on Canvas Party

1 Hour Acrylic on Mini Canvas Party/10 guest minimum $275 *Please contact if less than 10 children*

1 Hour Acrylic on Medium/Large Canvas Party/10 guests minimum $300

2 Hour Acrylic on Canvas Party/10 guest minimum $350 

*Special rate*

*Party includes TWO different paintings on two separate 4x4 (or 6x6/4x6) mini canvases

OR choice of ONE large painting on 8x10 

*12x12 canvases are available upon request instead, at an additional fee of $25.

Watercolor Painting Party

1 Hour Watercolor Painting Party/10 guests minimum $250

*Paintings are done flat on watercolor canvas paper.

2 Hour Watercolor Painting Party/10 Guest Minimum $350

*Consists of choice of either 2 small paintings or one large painting.

All materials provided are yours to keep!

Painting Party Information

  • Children should wear old clothing they do not want to mess up
  • Additional guests for parties are $25 per person beyond 12 painters (No shows are NOT refunded).
  • Fees include ALL supplies (canvases, special canvas papers, paints, brushes, smocks/aprons, water cups, paper towels, other materials, class preparation, etc.) Please provide masks for all guests.
  • If masks cannot be provided, I can provide masks for an additional fee of $2.00 per person.
  • All painting parties or classes are due in full upon booking (due to purchase of custom materials, unique party preparation and planning).
  • There are no credits or refunds if guests are "no shows" on the day of event, and there are less painters than anticipated and/or booked for.
  • Most materials are yours to keep! To avoid sharing and cross contamination, watercolor palettes, most brushes, smocks, are yours to keep,
  • Provided For Each Guest-
  • Detailed step by step instruction to complete the painting.
  • *Apron *Paint brushes *Paper towels *Acrylic or Watercolor paints *Mini easel for your canvas *Palette (or paper plate for paint color distribution) *Water cups *Disposable table cover *Mini Canvas (4x4, 6x6, 4x6) for your beautiful masterpiece!
  • Please inquire about larger canvas sizes and prices listed above
  • Customer required to supply table and chairs for their guests, and water for the cups.
  • Not recommended for children under 5 (unless partnered with an adult to assist and supervise).
  • Please contact directly for any questions, or for custom quotes, or one on one sessions​xt to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Positive Art Classes

*Individual Classes Available or Schedule All  Fifteen at a Reduced Rate

Do you want to help improve self-esteem, confidence and overall well-being in your child? Do you want to cultivate their creativity and help them in self expression all along while engaging in fun activities? Positive Art is an amazing tool that can be used in fun, creative, engaging life coaching sessions with children and adults alike. Art creation can help process stress and emotions, increase focus, promote positive thinking and clarity, all while freely using crayons, paints, colored pencils and markers. Creative art coaching has a proven positive impact on well-being.

Art has been used throughout history for communication and form of expression as our minds comprehend abstract forms and symbols at a much deeper level than language. Simply put, art is used when words are just not enough.

These courses are filled with fun, engaging research based positive art activities that are designed specifically for use with children of any age (recommended 5 and up). Children will learn to empower themselves, through self exploration, creativity and coping strategies. They will learn more about growth mind set, positive self talk, visualization and learning about their strengths-all aspects that will help rewire their brains to improve their mind set.

As mentioned above, these incredible courses were designed with children in mind, but the beauty of positive art coaching is that they could be used with anyone of any age or background, yourself included. Regardless of your artistic abilities, it is not required to be good in art to benefit from these courses. You can book them for one on one sessions with your children or small groups, workshops, "Positive Art" parties, or even weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions that will help in transforming lives, no matter how you use them. 

Fifteen 1-2 Hour Unique Courses Available-using crayons, markers, watercolor paints and colored pencils. Please inquire for more information. 

Coaching Code of Ethics

As a professional art coach, I agree to abide by the following:

• I will not knowingly misrepresent my knowledge or expertise either publicly or privately, and I will be transparent regarding my education, certifications, and other qualifications.​

• I understand that art coaching is NOT A FORM OF THERAPY, although coaching may be used in conjunction with therapy.

• I must not under any circumstances refer to myself as a psychologist, and or therapist and claim that my sessions are therapy sessions or practice as a mental health counselor.

• I will hold all discussions with my clients in the strictest confidence, except where doing so may cause harm to others.

• I will not provide information or advice that I do not believe in or that I would not personally follow.

• I will honor all agreements with my clients and others, including contracts, scheduling, and assigned tasks.

• I will not knowingly take any monetary, professional or other advantage of any coach/client relationship.

• I will conduct myself in accordance with this global code of coaching ethics whenever I am engaged in any coaching relationship or capacity.

Additional Services

  • Colorful Hair Strands (or Feathered) I-tip Method Hair Extension Pieces for Kids and Teens.
  • Color pop Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Makeover Parties
  • Maternity Belly Painting 
  • Metallic Temporary Tattoos
  • Regular "Old School" Water Activated Temporary Tattoos
  • Girl's Makeup/Glam Parties
  • Glitter Nails or Self Adhesive Nail Stickers
  • Festival Diamond Masks
  • One on One Positive Art or Painting Classes  
  • Art Activities 
  • Zoom Sessions Available For Art Classes 
  • Gift Certificates Available For All Services 
  • One on One or group Face Painting class 

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*All pricing is based on the specific services requested, approximate number of people, ongoing safety and updated NJ infection control training & protocols, pre-party preparation, set-up/tear-down time and additional services, tent rental or transportation fees (if applicable). Rates are subject to change at any time. No booking is solidified without the receipt of both the contract and payment. Thank you so much for choosing Creative Faces By V and supporting local small businesses since 2015!