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Why Choose Tape-in Hair Extensions

Trusted extension artist, Certified exclusively for the Tape-in hair extension method, with two decades of hair extension experience. 

Coming soon- my sister site where I will be offering ALL extension methods; including Hybrid Wefts, I-Tip, Kera-Link, Flat-Tip and Braiding! Currently in the process of acquiring certifications in all methods and enrolled to get my NJ Braiding/Extension License to open my own shop! Please check back for exciting updates, or click here to book a consultation for Tape-in extensions. 

What Are Tape-In Extensions?

Tape in Hair Extensions are the latest hair extension trend on the market! They are designed to give added volume, length, thickness, and color free options for undeniable confidence. Tape-in hair extensions are made up of one-inch broad pre-taped hair wefts. The thin taped wefts tape-in between your natural hair to create a "sandwich-type" bond. They are safe, non-chemical and the most requested type of hair extension method, simply because they stay secure and discreet, appearing like your own natural hair. This method is 100% natural, requires no chemicals or special tools, and can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks with proper care. The best part? The hair is reusable! When it is time for the maintenance, they simply get removed, re-taped and then reapplied. This can be done in one session, or broken up into two sessions.

Add Length, Volume or Color in 2 Hours or Less! 

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Tape-In Extensions Are......

1. Reasonably Priced

Tape-in hair extensions are the most cost-effective method out there! They are a semi-permanent and a stunning solution to your hair care concerns. They are also perfect for thin hair, and can be installed using a single sided tape method. I personally have priced out tape-in services from various salons in Morris, Bergen and Passaic Counties, along with other freelance certified extension artists, and rest assured that you've come to the right place! You'll receive trusted, affordable quality service.

2. Long-Lasting

Tape-in extensions are made with some of the best non-damaging adhesives, allowing you to rock your desired hair style for a long period. Besides the adhesive, the hair itself is pretty long-lasting when taking the appropriate precautions. Always use hair extension shampoos, conditioners, heat protection sprays, and deep conditioning masks, etc. ALWAYS purchase 100% Remy human hair, which is just as durable as your natural hair. As an affiliate of GLAM SEAMLESS, which is the manufacturer of some of the highest quality hair extensions and supplies on the market today, I encourage my clients to purchase the hair right from them directly. Glam Seamless hair can last you around 6-12 months with proper care and can last 6 weeks to 3 months before needing to be removed, retaped and reinstalled. They can be retaped up to 3 times depending on your lifestyle and how the hair was maintained. High quality hair like Glam Seamless can last up to a year, while lower grade quality hair, lets say off Amazon-might need to be repurchased after only one or two uses.

3. Easier To Maintain

Instead of having to clip in and remove your hair each time you want to get ready, tape-in hair extensions are already there. Since they are taped in, you can save time when getting ready in the morning! However, keep in mind that these tape-in extensions do call for proper maintenance, but maintaining them is just as straightforward as caring for your normal hair. With natural hair, you can probably get away with brushing once or twice a day, but with tape-in hair extensions, you might want to brush them more frequently to avoid tangling and this is because the hair rubbing together may cause friction. Waiting to de-tangle your extensions at the end of the day can cause them severe damage, knotting and unnecessary stress and pulling on the bonds. Investing in a wet brush is a very gentle way to brush your hair more frequently without being too harsh. Pro Tip: Always place your hand over the bonds to prevent loosening and pulling when brushing and styling. Another method is gathering your hair as if you were going to put it into a pony tail and brush from that point down, then gently brush the rest in order to avoid pulling on your bonds.

4. Instant Volume and Length

One of the main benefits of tape-in extensions is, of course, that you get more hair instantly verse other types of extensions. If you have concerns regarding your hair length or volume, you can easily achieve those luscious longer, thicker locks with tape-in hair extensions. The entire process usually takes less than 2 hours!

5. Wearable Everywhere

Another reason why so many girls and women prefer tape-in hair extensions is you can wear them in the shower, or when swimming and even at the gym. With other types of extensions, you first have to remove the hair to be able to participate in such activities, which is not only time-consuming but also frustrating---plus a lot of the other hair extension options hurt, rip at your scalp and cause damage! Tape-in hair extensions are absolutely pain free and non-damaging! They can also survive moisture, which means you'll save a lot of maintenance and time. You can wear these extensions in any style imaginable. Personally as a mother of small children myself, during the week my hair is usually up in a bun or ponytail, and even then they are virtually undetectable, plus you don't even feel them at all!

6. More Versatile Hair

Tape-in hair extensions make your hair immediately more versatile. The possibilities are endless. There are numerous hairstyles that you can achieve, including: *Long beach waves*Braids*Sleek ponytails*Top Knots*Messy Buns*Amazing Curls or Waves*Sleek & Straight*A full blowout, and so much more!

7. Slip-Proof

One huge benefit of tape-in hair extensions is you no longer have to worry about your extensions slipping off in the midst of an important meeting, event, important date, party, wedding or outing. Just relax and rock those beautiful locks!

8. Lightweight

The wefts are lightweight and super thin. They don't pull on your hair, lay flat against your head and can be cut and styled in any way you please without adding to the weight. One ecstatic client who switched to tape-ins (from wearing heavy weft pieces attached by micro-links), told me after only wearing her new tape-ins for just a few days, " I feel FREE! It's like they are MY own hair! I don't feel them at all!" 

Amazing lightweight non-damaging GORGEOUS hair can be yours! Don't wait another day to feel more confident. Have the hair you've always dreamed about. Practical prices, payment options and stunning results!

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