C​r​eative Faces 

by V

        Create, Imagine, Party!

Training, Publications and More! 

As a newly certified Positive Psychology Art Coach I will be offering

1-2 hour classes that include fifteen different incredible activities. Do you want to help improve self-esteem, confidence and overall well-being in your children? Do you want to cultivate their creativity and help them in self expression all along while engaging in fun activities? Positive Art is an amazing tool that can be used in fun filled life coaching sessions with children and adults alike! Art creation can help process pain and emotions, lessen stress, increase focus and clarity- and get one into flow which has a positive impact on well-being. Schedule your one on one session today! 

Are you Interested in a positive activity party for a small group? 

Email me at [email protected]

Completed the 18 hour International Face Painting Certification course, passed the 30 minute test in just over 5 minutes with a perfect score of 100%! Used my "quarantine" time while Creative Faces has been closed to get 5 certifications total! Not only am I continuing to refresh my painting skills weekly on my *New* TikTok page, I trained in a 4 hour Pro Face Painting Covid-19 Infection Control course, along with 2 other Barbicide Certifications, introduced the use of face painting pens and *mask* compliant designs, all in order to help aid in preventing cross contamination, AND added Acrylic Painting Parties and Positive Art Classes to our services! Who do you trust booking your party with?!

Super excited to be a PUBLISHED FEATURED ARTIST in

New York's Q-Magazine FOR THE JUNE 2018 ISSUE.

Dedication and hard work pays off!

SO EXCITED to be featured next to so many amazing, talented artists!

Check out the AWESOME write up about Creative Faces by V

in The Scoop's recap of Toycon NJ's summer AND fall 2019 events! 

I have been working Toycon NJ since 2016

and it feels AMAZING to get recognized as such a special part of this incredible event! 

🥳‍‍🥰 Check it out HERE! For more info Visit www.Toyconnj.com

I am SO incredibly HONORED to have received this small business award notification today, August 6th, 2019! I don't know who nominated my little company, but I am pretty floored and sincerely humbled, flattered and so stoked. I can't wait to proudly display this! I work so hard every single day with running Creative Faces by V, the websites, social media pages, working events, promotions, birthdays & parties, teaching kid's art camps, painting parties, after school art programs, the release of my first children's book and beginning the second, raising my kids, and being a full time wife & mom! This is simply incredible and thank you Mahwah for recognizing the hard work of a local small business mom! 🎉 This is only the beginning! xo